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Effortless Relocation and Comfortable Housing Solutions For International Students in Spain. We Take Care Of Your Stay In Madrid And Segovia!

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Our University Partners!

Here, you can explore some of the universities in our network. Our partnerships with these institutions open doors to a world of educational opportunities!

Our University Partners!

Here, you can explore some of the universities in our network. Our partnerships with these institutions open doors to a world of educational opportunities!

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Your Step-By-Step Guide to Studying in Spain

We understand that each student is unique, with varying needs, preferences, and tastes when it comes to their housing. Our meticulously designed process ensures everything falls into place seamlessly, making your experience of finding a perfect home in Spain simply perfect!

Initial Free Consultation and Needs Assessment

Our journey begins with a comprehensive initial FREE consultation, conducted via phone call or video conference. Here, we'll address your questions and meticulously record your unique requirements, preferences, and priorities regarding your ideal accommodation in Spain.

Scouting, Analysis, Virtual Tours and Selection

Our expert team scours the housing options, conducts thorough analyses, and even provides virtual tours, allowing you to explore potential residences in Madrid and Segovia from anywhere in the world. After a meticulous selection process, we present you with the best-suited options, ensuring your future home aligns perfectly with your preferences and needs.

Legal Procedures and Digital Contract

Our team guides you through visa requirements, housing contracts, and other necessary paperwork with precision and care. We offer digital contracts for your convenience, simplifying the process, and guaranteeing that all is in order for your upcoming academic adventure in Spain.

Embark on Your Student Housing Journey

Your Path to Seamless Living as an International Student!

Welcome to My Rentory’s Student Housing Solutions, your portal to comfortable, convenient, and personalized student accommodation in Spain!

Hassle-Free Housing Aligned With Your Preferences!

We understand that as an international student, where you reside is paramount to your overall experience. Our mission is to ensure your transition to Spain is as seamless as possible, aligning your housing precisely with your unique needs and preferences. Say farewell to the stress of house-hunting, and let My Rentory become your trusted partner in securing the perfect home away from home.

Tailored Additional Solutions

Enhance Your Study Abroad Experience in Spain!

Beyond our comprehensive student housing solutions, My Rentory offers a suite of supplementary services to enhance your study abroad journey in Spain. Explore the additional support we provide to ensure a seamless transition and memorable stay in Madrid and Segovia.

We assist you in navigating the intricacies of opening a bank account in Spain, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free process from start to finish.

Our dedicated team arranges reliable and convenient transportation from the airport to your chosen destination in Spain, welcoming you to your stay with comfort and ease.

Upon your arrival, we provide you with SIM cards for seamless communication and metro cards for easy access to public transportation, helping you stay connected and explore the city effortlessly.

Gain peace of mind with access to top-quality private health insurance, ensuring that you’re covered for any unforeseen medical needs during your stay.

Throughout your stay, our dedicated legal team is available to provide guidance and support, addressing any questions or concerns you may have, ensuring a worry-free experience during your time in Spain.

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Discover how we've assisted thousands of students in turning their dreams of studying in Spain into a reality. Their testimonials reflect the dedication and excellence of our services, making us the ideal choice for your education journey!

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09:14 29 Sep 23
Everything was perfect, the procedures were done immediately, no complaints, 10/10!
Rent a room, everything was great.
Miise100 KlokMiise100 Klok
08:37 29 Sep 23
everything incredible. I would repeat without a doubt
Aaron nogueira CebrianAaron nogueira Cebrian
19:59 27 Sep 23
They helped me a lot with the procedures! Very professional and friendly.
Highly recommended!!! Very professional, they managed everything perfectly for me.
fernando burgosfernando burgos
13:03 27 Sep 23
I have been using your services during this time and the truth is that I am very satisfied
Diego MartinDiego Martin
12:34 12 Sep 23
I had a fantastic experiencial with them while purchasing my new apartament. The ir professionalism and attention to detail truly stood out throughout the entire process. so that's why I recommend it 100%.
Daniel TeixidorDaniel Teixidor
12:25 12 Sep 23
I recently relocated to Spain for university and faced challenges in finding an apartment that met my expectations. However, upon a recommendation from a friend, I approached this particular company. In less than a day, they secured an apartment for me that perfectly aligned with my requirements. Their team displayed professionalism throughout the process.
Tomas Garcia bayónTomas Garcia bayón
12:22 12 Sep 23
Very pleased with the service and treat, professional team and very resolutives with any inconvenience.
Fernando NoriegaFernando Noriega
10:29 04 Jul 23
The truth is that before coming to Madrid I was looking in several places, but not being from Madrid it seemed like a mess. Then I found this company which helped me at all times. They are very professional and always try to help their clients. Highly recommended.

Study Abroad in Spain FAQs:

Applying to study in Spain involves several steps, including choosing a program, obtaining a student visa, and finding suitable accommodation. My Rentory can assist you with all these aspects, simplifying the process and ensuring a smooth start to your educational journey.

Visa requirements vary depending on your home country, the type of program you’re enrolling in, and the duration of your stay. Our legal experts can guide you through the entire visa application process, ensuring you have all the necessary documents and meet the requirements.

While many programs in Spain are offered in English, having basic knowledge of Spanish can enhance your experience. We offer language courses to help you improve your language skills, making it easier to adapt and communicate during your stay.

At My Rentory, we offer comprehensive support services. Our team is available around the clock to provide personalized assistance, whether it’s helping you with housing issues, legal matters, or simply adapting to your new environment.

The cost of living in Spain can vary depending on your location and lifestyle. On average, it’s more affordable compared to many other European countries. We can provide guidance on managing your budget effectively.

Yes, there are various scholarships and financial aid options available for international students in Spain. Our experts can help you explore these opportunities and assist with applications.

Healthcare in Spain is of high quality, and as an international student, you may need health insurance. Our experts can guide you on the best insurance options, ensuring your health and well-being during your stay.

Spain offers a wide range of travel opportunities. We can provide you with travel tips, recommendations, and help you plan your adventures, making the most of your study abroad experience.

You are one step away from finding the perfect house for your stay in Spain!

If you have any questions, need assistance, require more information, or want to speak with one of our experts in Housing or Legal Consultation for International Students, feel free to contact us! We’re here to address your inquiries and assist you on your exciting journey of studying in Spain.

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